SERC Training Update

Thank you to the three Gunpowder Riverkeeper members who have already attended the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) training for our ground truthing efforts!

Jayne Heckhackley, a board member, and Emily Mendenhall, a committee member, attended the second day of the workshop, which focused on learning how to perform three different tests of water quality. They got hands-on experience working with the testing materials in the water. Getting their feet, and likely other parts of their persons, wet in the process.

Bill Temmink, a committee member, attended the first session, devoted primarily to understanding the types of data being collected and possible future uses. He explained:

We will be providing on the ground (water) sampling to compare with NASA imagery to see how accurate the NASA imagery is.

Emily stated:

The actual sampling, Hydrocolor app, and entering data are not difficult or time consuming. They are all things that we can share/teach with others and enable a lot of data collection. The SERC team is very easy to work with and helpful/communicative.

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