Monitoring Industrial Activities

Overview: A small percentage of industrial activities take place within the Gunpowder River Watershed. The river is a class III-P protected stream that is host to a wild population of trout and is nationally recognized as a recreational fishing destination. It is the primary drinking water source for the City of Baltimore. GRK feels that unchecked industrial activities could have adverse impacts on the Gunpowder River and endanger public health, safety and welfare by compromising the drinking water supply for nearly 2 million residents of Baltimore City and the surrounding Metropolitan area.

Project: The objective of monitoring is to make sure that the impacts from industrial activities fall within the guidelines established by the state and county permits. GRK will perform compliance sweeps related to stormwater and discharge permits and send comments to regulatory agencies to ask for stronger permit language where appropriate to afford better protection to the river and its watershed.

Benefits: This project is to protect the Gunpowder river and its watershed from industrial pollution. This project will also safeguard the drinking water supply for Baltimore City Metro Area by strengthening the monitoring, compliance and reporting on industrial sites within the watershed.

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