Stormwater Runoff Compliance

Overview: Encroachment by development along the river corridor will likely increase sediment loading and degradation of water quality in the river. While new stormwater regulations have taken effect in Maryland this year, the growth in the amount of industrial, commercial and residential building far outweighs the ability of compliance personnel to effectively monitor these sites.

Project: Take part in the Chesapeake Waterkeepers “Get the Dirt Out” Campaign. Provide a proven program to engage residents of the Gunpowder watershed to identify compliance problems associated with construction sites such as inadequate silt fencing, improperly designed construction entrances and blocked sediment traps. GRK will continue to review files from MDE obtained through PIA requests to check permits and compliance activities at construction and industrial sites located along the River corridor.

Benefits: This project will help ensure that Best Management Practices, (BMP’s) are being followed within the watershed. GRK will educate the public on these practices and enlist them as volunteers to report compliance of sites. If problems are found GRK will report and followup these complaints with the proper regulatory authorities for remedies.These efforts will lessen the effects of unchecked stormwater runoff.

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