Mountain Christian Church

Sensitive Species

If you use the Little Gunpowder Falls for fishing, hiking or swimming or are downstream please attend an upcoming meeting to learn more about the Mtn. Christian Church, (located at 1824 Mountain Rd Joppa, MD 21085) permit #18DP3850 to discharge up to 5,000 gallons of treated wastewater per day into a tributary that flows and …

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PSC Extends Written Comment Period for CP Crane

Great news! Today, the Maryland Public Service Commission granted Gunpowder Riverkeeper’s and others request for an extension to the written comment period for the public to comment on their interests the CP Crane power plant application. As stated in the letter above, the (new) deadline to submit written comments is now May 3, 2019. Comments …

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Please attend the Public Service Commission Hearing for CP Crane

Time to sharpen those pencils and write a comment letter, email or attend the hearing and give comments before the Public Service Commission (“PSC”) on the application that would allow the “repowering” of the C.P. Crane Generating Station located between Seneca creek and Saltpeter creek at 1001 Carroll Island Rd, Middle River Maryland 21220  C.P. …

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