C.P. Crane PSC Hearing Update

Thanks to D. Vogel at Bengies for getting the word out on the Marquis on the Public Service Commission (PSC) C.P. Crane hearing. More than a few residents of Bowley’s Quarters who stated they lived within 2,000 feet of the facility said that had heard nothing about the PSC coal to gas conversion application until they read the Marquis. Luckily, for everyone present at the Bowley’s Quarters Improvement Association (BQIA) hall, these residents promptly showed up and testified at the hearing regarding their aesthetic, property and environmental interests. With the original deadline for written comments looming April 4 -and that’s not postmarked folks, that is by noon at the PSC according to the hearing notice, many including Gunpowder Riverkeeper, Environmental Action Center and Essex Middle River Civic Council (EMRCC) and residents asked the PSC for extensions to the written comment period. Stay Tuned!

CP Crane Public Service Commission Hearing at Bowleys Quarters Improvement Association
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