Gunpowder Riverkeeper’s PFAS Sampling Efforts

Gunpowder Riverkeeper, in partnership with Waterkeeper Alliance, is protecting local communities by providing vital data through PFAS sampling. Gunpowder Riverkeeper staff and volunteers will be using Cyclopure Water Test Kits to sample for PFAS in stream segments throughout the Gunpowder and Bush watersheds.

This is a National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)-funded, convenient, and accurate kit. It is used by consumers, research institutions, and environmental groups alike, and it has tested and reported on over 1,300 water samples to date.

We will conduct point-of-site sample extraction by filling the collection cup with 250 mL of water sample, then allow the water to pass through the DEXSORB extraction disk. This typically takes about 20 minutes.

After sampling, we will send the WTKs (Water Test Kit) to the Cyclopure lab, where Cyclopure analytical chemists will perform standard solid-phase extraction (SPE) to recover PFAS compounds collected in the extraction disk. They will then use isotope dilution methods to measure the total PFAS levels. We will be mapping the results and sharing them with regulatory agencies, decision makers, and the public at large.


Image and Content Source: (2022 – Powerpoint) by Cyclopure. Presentation used in the webinar “U S Waterkeeper Nationwide Cyclopure PFAS Sampling Project Sample Collection Training”

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