Board of Directors

Dr. Amiel Bethel

William Scott Burns

Peter Fenwick

Dr. Roman Kostrubiak

Daniel Kramer

Jerome Kustich

Captain Jeffrey Lewatowski

Wilson Taliaferro 

Lynn Swanenberg

Having lived within several minutes of the Gunpowder Falls for the previous 25 years, I have had the great fortune to spend significant amounts of time exploring and recreating in the Hereford Area of the Gunpowder State Park. At least several times a week, I am out in the woods fly-fishing, hiking, or running with my dog. Whenever there is enough snow, during the winter months my snowshoe or ski tracks reveal my continued presence in the park. I have also had the opportunity to include my two sons in many of these activities since their earliest days; they have both grown up to have a deep appreciation for the outdoor environment. The area surrounding and including the Gunpowder Falls has become a very significant part of who I am. I have recreated extensively and had many great times here. Unfortunately, during my frequent forays into these woods, I have also seen the impact of the thoughtless use of the trails and river. As well, I have become aware of activity outside the park boundaries, which is having an adverse impact within the park. Although the Gunpowder Falls creates a stunningly scenic corridor and an island of wildness very close to a major metropolitan area, there is no guarantee that it will remain this way in perpetuity or even into the very near future. I am absolutely certain that the Gunpowder Falls is a very special place but needs protection to survive. The GRK allows me the opportunity to give something back to a place that has given me so much.”Dr. Roman Kostrubiak  

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