The Terry Newendorp Environmental Scholarship for the Gunpowder River Now Accepting Applications for 2021

The Terry Newendorp Environmental Scholarship for the Gunpowder River2021 Criteria and Application Guidelines

What the award is: The Terry Newendorp Environmental Scholarship is a gift that was established by Terry Newendorp, an avid fisherman and conservationist who with generosity and foresight knew that “protection of the Gunpowder River had to come from future generations.”

Founded in 2018, the Award’s purpose is to assist college-bound high school seniors who will be entering a two year or four year course of study, excel in their studies and who plan to use their talents and expertise in the service of environmental protection. Each year, at least one winner will be chosen from among the current year’s graduating class. The award will provide $1,000 towards college costs for students with strong connections to the Gunpowder River Watershed. 

Eligibility: Students must have a clear connection to the Gunpowder River. Qualifying connection examples include: A connection to drinking water or recreational, aesthetic, and/or environmental attributes of the Gunpowder River Watershed. 

In addition to the above restriction, all applicants must: 

  1. Plan to major or minor in one of the natural sciences or other appropriate subject, and; 
  2. Demonstrate a strong personal commitment to protecting the Gunpowder Watershed.

The application procedure: The completed application must be submitted by the student  via mail or email as a PDF .

A complete application will include all of the following:

  1. The student’s name and complete contact information including phone and e-mail.
  2. The name of the school and complete faculty contact information.
  3. A short essay (450 words total) written by the student answering all three of the following questions: 1) Why the Gunpowder Watershed matters to you; 2. How conservation fits into your future career goals; and 3. What you plan to study in college and why. 
  4. A copy of the student’s current high school transcripts.
  5. A letter of recommendation from a student’s guidance counselor or science teacher may be mailed or emailed as a PDF under separate cover.
  6. A description of the student’s extracurricular activities regarding environmental / conservation issues (e.g. Environmental Club membership, Scouting merit badges & awards, participation in local conservation efforts, membership in environmental organizations, applicable hobbies, etc.) and/or a familial or personal responsibilities statement.

Disbursement: In order for the scholarship to be disbursed, the student must have been accepted by an accredited college or university for the Fall 2021 Semester and provide a copy of the letter of acceptance from the two or four year college or university where the nominee will be attending to Gunpowder Riverkeeper.

All complete applications may be accepted between November 20, 2020 and must be postmarked or emailed as a PDF no later than March 15, 2021 and mailed to:

  • Terry Newendorp Environmental Scholarship 
  • C/O Gunpowder RIVERKEEPER ®
  • P.O. Box 156
  • Monkton, MD 21111

Scholarship applications and Letters of Recommendation may also be emailed as a PDF with the student’s last name and TNES scholarship in the subject line to

The decision-making process: A panel comprised of Gunpowder Riverkeeper Director, Board and committee Members will review all applications. The winners of this year’s Terry Newendorp Environmental Scholarship will be chosen no later than April 1, 2021; and the award presented no later than May 30, 2021. If possible, the award will be presented publicly at the school’s annual awards event.

Award Recipient’s Opportunity: For a period of two years after the award, a student may take part in an unpaid internship with the Gunpowder Riverkeeper. Depending on the project area, concentration and term, an internship may result in college credit to be determined by the learning institution.

Riverkeeper acknowledgement letter: A letter of acknowledgement from an award winner is required to satisfy scholarship requirements and should be postmarked 60 days from receipt of the award letter. Use of essay, photo and acknowledgement letter release: Recipient agrees that Gunpowder Riverkeeper may use all or parts of the application essay, any photos associated with the gift and the acknowledgement letter for any future outreach and marketing purpose.

JEDI and BIPOC statement: Gunpowder Riverkeeper adheres to the principles of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) and we encourage participation from under-represented groups. We are concerned about the existential threat of climate change. We are committed to protecting and restoring our environment, safeguarding waterways and the communities that rely on them from damaging pollution, ensuring that all voices — especially Black, Indigenous and People Of Color (BIPOC) and other marginalized groups — are heard.